About us

Oduaki.com is an online shopping retail outlet. The name “oduaki “comes from a Nigerian dialect meaning “trading, marketing or a trader”. We are a platform that connects buyers to their sellers to trade their goods and services and thus, promoting our motto which states “...Buy smart, sell fast, make money”. We help our customers get what they need at the comfort of their various locations and delivering it to their door step on time without any delivery cost. We are committed to making our platform an excellent shopping experience for our customers. We strive on excellent and timely service delivery, teamwork, professionalism, integrity and innovation. We are a team that ensures 100% customer service satisfaction with our excellent customer service relations’ team and expertise.


To be the best online retailer locally and internationally by delivering excellent customer service.


To continuously make shopping at oduaki.com accessible, faster, reliable and valuable. At oduaki.com we strive in giving our customers the best retail services for optimal customer service satisfaction. For any feedback, please kindly reach us at info@oduaki.com.